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Bryan Bechler

Which Home Improvements REALLY Pay Off?


If you’re thinking about making upgrades to your home, then consider it an investment.  Why? Because some home improvements eventually pay off when you sell your home—but some don’t.

Of course, if you’re making an improvement just for personal enjoyment, then that’s fine too. But knowing in advance which returns can boost your home’s value may help finalize your decision.

Top 4 Best High-Return Home Improvements for 2015

Before you start that expensive kitchen and bath remodel, take a look at the following data. According to Remodeling Magazine, the following 4 home improvement projects have the highest return for money invested in 2015:

  1. Entry door replacement
  2. Garage door replacement
  3. Roof replacement
  4. Siding replacement

5 Home Improvements with the Lowest Return for 2015

The following 5 home improvement projects show the lowest return on investment in 2015:

  1. Back-up power generator
  2. 2-story addition
  3. Deck addition
  4. Major kitchen remodel
  5. Attic bedroom

If You’re Preparing to Sell Your Home

Of course, every regional housing market is different.  If you have a limited budget, and you’re preparing to sell your home, you should consult with a realtor who is experienced in that market to find the smartest way to invest your renovation dollars. He or she can tell you which home improvements bring a high return in your neighborhood—and which don’t.

Planning to remodel your home—to sell later? Ask aReeceNichols REALTOR about the smartest way to spend your marketing budget. We’re available to help you today.