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Bryan Bechler

Now is the Time for an Energy Audit


If you’re thinking about lowering your energy bills, improving your home’s comfort and livability, or maximizing your home’s value, you should start with an energy audit. An energy audit is a comprehensive analysis of the home’s performance which identifies areas that cost you the most money, performance and comfort. Many people believe that a new HVAC system, more insulation or new windows will dramatically improve the energy consumption. This may not be entirely true. Understanding how the whole home as a system working together and basing decisions on this information will help determine the best choices for making your home the most energy efficient.

The energy audit report provides accurate costs and savings potential for improvements so you can select options that best suit your goals and budget. Guesswork and exaggerated claims are not part of a properly performed energy audit.

Utility and state rebates are available to pay for all or part of the energy audit. Also, there are state and federal incentives as well as tax credits to help reduce the investment in your homes energy efficiency improvements. An energy audit that complies with state and federal program requirements, performed by a certified auditor and includes all necessary evaluation and tests, presented in a detailed report costs approximately $600.

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Written by Guest Blogger, Joe Gurera, ofA.B. May.